Softskill Group 2

Chrisluana Voty E P 11612607

Dara Puspitawati 11612715

Febby Rachmadania 12612845

M. Ali Rahman 14612867

Vinny Aulia 17612600

Definition of Translation

As the other sciences, found many definition of translation. Various definition reflected expert’s view which made defintion about the truth and process of translation.

The first definition according to Catford:

(Translation is) the replacement of textual material in one language by equivalent textual material in another language (Catford, 1965:20)

You might be wonder because there is not concept about meaning in definition. Meanwhile, the point of translation could not be separate from meaning or idea problem.

Savory (1968) said the truth about translation that reach the concept:

Translation is made possible by an equivalent of thought that lies behind its different verbal expressions.

Savory did not explain more about the operational matters or related process.

Process of translation according to Nida and Taber (1969). They stated:

Translating consists of reproducing in the receptor language the closest natural equivalent of the source language message, first in terms of meaning and secondly in terms of style.

Based on Translation book: Application and Research, Brislin (1976) gives broad limitation term of translation. To her, translation is a transferring of ideas from one language to another. Both of language could be similar, like Sunda language and Java language, could be different, like English language and Bahasa, or even same language but used in different time, like Java language in Majapahit era and Java language in modern era. Unfortunately, in this definition does not imply a good process of translation and a good criteria of translation.


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